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Moon Desert

Posted on Wednesday Oct 20, 2021 at 06:00pm in General

I had never seen an Angel before, but I knew a man who had. It was not long after the destruction of my homeworld. The refugee fleet was limping towards what it hoped was sanctuary: the planet on which I now stood. I had been standing by the viewport, staring out at the fleeing stars and trying, against my better judgment, to make sense of their configurations, when one of the crew members, a man who fancied himself as an old space hand, came up behind me.
"Never know what you're going to see, out there… I saw an Angel, once."
"You're kidding me. They're rare, aren't they?"
"I'm not joking. I was looking out of the viewport just as you are now when something swam into view. It was massive, I'm telling you, a mess of tentacles and spines. It attached itself to the viewport. I had to chuck myself backwards in case the bastard got in. But it was only a minnow. Only a little one, too." He looked at my face and laughed. "Not scared of a baby, are you, Doc?"
'Now you mention it," I said ruefully, and he laughed.
"Don't worry, you won't see any. There's a sweeper outside – it'd knock them off the ship. They'd be after the cybel. Bloody nuisance they can be, too. But as you say, they're rare.
Now, I had never been so close to something so huge, so alien. It filled me with an almost religious terror and for the first time I had an inkling into what motivated the Karists. Then the sweeper came along, a bristling machine running a blasting wave before it, and the minnow spiralled off into space. I did not sleep that night."


This was no minnow. The domed chamber at the summit of the tower was big, and the Angel filled it. It must have been three times the thing I'd seen on the ship. It pulsated, mimicking breath, and with its membranes wrapped around itself it resembled a great black flower about to bloom. Energy crackled about it and this was, I now realised, the source of that chemical smell, but it felt wrong, like a battery sparking out and wearing down. I could see a coil of something – energy? - in the slit of its mouth, but it looked hazy, as if seen through gauze.
"Where….where did this come from?" I heard myself say.
Hanerah smiled. "It arrived with a ship. One of the first mining landers – a long time ago now. They tried to kill it." Her pale eyes grew fierce. "But it escaped, and my tribe found it. It grew strong again – there are places in the deep desert which contain a kind of energy, on which it could feed. It – affected us."
"Are you Karists, then?"
"I know of them," she said, indifferently, "but they are not like us. We have had such visitors before, you see. It is an old alliance. They whispered to us. They gave us the gift of prophecy."
Pride filled her voice. I looked at the Angel. Its six eyes, as black and cold as the void, stared back at me with an arachnid intelligence.
"And now?" I said.
"It is ailing," Hanerah hissed. "You can feel it, can't you?"
"I – " There was something wrong with the thing, but it was still powerful. Now I knew what had been making me feel so alive. Somehow, its energy had accompanied Hanerah, and I had been feeding off it.
"I want you to cure it."
"Listen to me," I said. From somewhere, I found the strength to take her arm and pull her out of the chamber. "I know it doesn't want to hurt me," I added, and for the first time realised this was true. That feeling echoed in my head. Help me. "But I don't know anything about their anatomy. No-one does, unless the Karist priests might –"
"The Karists cannot come here. They seek only their own ends: they would use it as a weapon. It is not a weapon. It is a living thing." The words my friend came back to me: how had this tribeswoman come to such a point? She clutched at me. "You have to help it!"
"Hanerah, I don't think I can. Where would I begin?"
"You felt it, did you not?"
"It – influences - you, doesn't it? And has it communicated to you what's wrong?"
She looked so downcast that I said, "Look. I'll try. But I can't promise anything."
I had a feeling that what ailed the thing was simply lack of cybel. They said this was how the Karists controlled them, after all: withholding and donating the energy form, the only way that they could bend an Angel to their will. But no-one knew for sure and the only cybel here that I'd heard of was found in the drives of the ships at the spaceport, and I wasn't exactly willing to unleash a starving Angel onto those. Besides, why hadn't it gone there itself? Maybe it had travelled from the deep desert and run out of energy. I took a deep breath and stepped back through the door. The Angel seemed to have shrunk, then I realised that it had wrapped its gel membrane more tightly about itself. The membrane appeared stiffer, as though the thing was drying out.
"All right," I said, aloud. "Tell me – no, you can't, can you? Show me what's wrong."
And the Angel did so, but not in words. Instead, I saw images.
It showed me a great shoal of minnows, travelling against the rearing gas clouds of forming galaxies. Songs soared in the bright void and for the first time I understood why these aliens had been named by us as Angels: they saw themselves as utterly free, yet united by a connection which my brain could not encompass. 'Love' was a pallid imitation. This Angel was very old, I now knew, and the loss of its kin was like the loss of a limb. I had always seen them as terrifying, but this thing was filled with a great sadness and a strange innocence: they did not know why we were so afraid.
"Help me,"


Excerpt from the short story 'Moon Desert', by Liz Williams.

Find the rest in 'Tales from the Edge: Escalation', available in paperback from the Maelstrom's Edge Webstore, or grab the digital version on Amazon.

2021 Mid(ish)year Roundup!

Posted on Monday Jul 26, 2021 at 06:00pm in General

With the twin billing of Covid and Brexit affecting so many business all over the place, this year started out a little slower than we had planned, but things are slowly getting back up to steam and our release schedule is finally getting back on track. Here's a look back at what we've been up to for the last 6-ish months!

Iain continued to smoosh things together in the workshop, working through a range of the usual sorts of modeling articles - kitbashes of kits, buildings made from bits and pieces and just generally getting paint all over everything in sight. You can find all of these modeling articles in the Hobby section of the Maelstrom's Edge website here.

On the new release front, we've given Epirian Contractor units some support with a new resin drone, and launched the Spiral Arm Revolutionary Army as a subfaction for the Broken, with the addition of plastic kits for a Revolutionary Captain and a cam-cloaked sniper. We also picked up the PDC Gaming heavy weapons carriage - a plastic kit that lets you build a range of different mobile weapons platforms, for those gamers looking for some heavier firepower. You can find all of these in the Maelstrom's Edge webstore.

Our biggest reveal for this year so far was, of course, the launch of the kickstarter for StackaRack - a plastic, customisable paint storage system! Our Kickstarter funded successfully, and we're currently hard at work finalising the design work so that we can get it sent off to our plastics production people. If you missed the Kickstarter, you can find out more information and follow our progress on the StackaRack Facebook page here.

So... what's next?

In the coming months, we have new plastic model releases for the Karists and Remnant, a couple of resin upgrades for the Remnant Militus kit, and a whole new range of bases to add to the webstore. There's also a new faction - our fifth! - to crawl forth from the destruction of the Edge. On top of that, we're still beavering away behind the scenes on version 2 of the Maelstrom's Edge rules. Our original target had to be pushed back significantly thanks to the pandemic, but we're aiming to have the Beta version of the rules out before the end of this year. If you want to get in early, you can find a very early draft of the new rules in the development thread on the DakkaDakka forums here.

So much great stuff still to come - Stay tuned!

For the full range of Maelstrom's Edge products, including the Battle for Zycanthus starter set, the plastic and resin model range, the ever-useful Maelstrom's Edge Terrain Sprues, novels and audiobooks, check out the webstore here.

For building ideas, modeling tutorials, army spotlights and conversion walkthroughs, have a look at the Hobby section of the Maelstrom's Edge website here.

Maelstrom's Edge Webstore News

Posted on Tuesday Jun 22, 2021 at 06:00pm in General

Due to steadily increasing costs in production, shipping and just generally doing business over the last year or two, we have unfortunately had to make some price adjustments in the webstore. Most plastic kits, and some resins, have had a small increase in price as a result. To compensate for this, we have added some new bulk packs for each Faction's core troops, allowing you to pick up four units worth of troops for the price of three!

We have also added a similar pack for the Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprues, including 4 sprues each of terrain sprue #1 and #2. This should give you plenty of bits and pieces to bulk up your sci fi terrain collection.

Pop in to the Maelstrom's Edge webstore here now! Free shipping applies to qualifying orders - check your cart for details.

Maelstrom's Edge 2020 Roundup

Posted on Monday Dec 28, 2020 at 05:00pm in General

It's fair to say that this year hasn't gone quite the way any of us would have planned. With the pandemic affecting our production partners, mail services, and our own team members, most of the things that we had planned for this past year wound up on hold. We've been working away behind the scenes to get things moving forward again, and have a nice backlog of releases lining up for the coming year, but in the meantime, here's a look back at what we've been up to.

For the past several years, we've been sharing regular modeling articles on the blog, and this year was no exception. These have showcased different conversion ideas, kitbashes with other ranges, terrain projects, painting tips, and a new, ongoing series of hobby basics articles intended to help out beginners to the hobby. You can find all of our various modeling articles compiled in the hobby section of the Maelstrom's Edge website here.

With our usual monthly release schedule disrupted, we did still release a new model for the Artarian Remnant, inthe form of the Nimbus Battlesuit. We have plenty more in the pipeline, however, inluding the next round of reinforcements for each of the existing factions, and the first couple of units are underway for another new faction!

To give people some new modeling and tactical options to explore, Iain shared some homebrew rules for an Imperial Marine faction, introducing power-armoured super soldiers to the Edge, with downloadable rules cards in the Card Downloads section here, and a Summary of their weapons and special rules here.

This year has also seen some great models shared by the community on the Comm Guild Facebook Group. The Group is a handy place to share your models, ask for hobby advice, or talk about the Maelstrom's Edge game. We would love to see more, so be sure to pop along and show us what you are working on!

So... what's next? The new year seems like as good a time as any to get things moving again. We have a whole host of new models in the pipeline, including new releases for all of the existing factions, and a brand new faction joining the chaos on the Edge!

Stay tuned!

For the full range of Maelstrom's Edge products, including the Battle for Zycanthus starter set, the plastic and resin model range, the ever-useful Maelstrom's Edge Terrain Sprues, novels and audiobooks, check out the webstore here.

For building ideas, modeling tutorials, army spotlights and conversion walkthroughs, have a look at the Hobby section of the Maelstrom's Edge website here.

Maelstrom's Edge Mid(-ish) 2020 Roundup!

Posted on Friday Jul 24, 2020 at 05:00pm in General

- by Iain Wilson

This year has certainly come with its share of challenges. While things have been a little quieter on the Edge than usual, we're still here, in no small part thanks to the support of our fantastic customers around the world. So I thought I'd take a pause this week to look back at what we have done so far this year.

Our usual monthly release schedule has been significantly disrupted this year due to our usual production partners having to close up or refocus their businesses, so the Artarian Remnant's Nimbus Battlesuit has the distinction of being our sole release so far this year. We have plenty more in the pipeline, however, including the next round of reinforcements for each of the existing factions, and the first couple of units are underway for another new faction!

Even without shiny, new models to play with, the weekly modeling article continued on, covering a wide range of ground. Articles so far for this year have included a serial underhive build, featuring a bunch of redesigned buildings inspired by classic Necromunda, rocky outcrops studded with crystals brimming with rogue cybel energy, and assorted other hobby tips and modeling ideas. You can find all of our modeling articles in the renovated Hobby section of the Maelstrom's Edge website, along with a new section where we will be periodically adding basic 'starter' tips aimed at beginner hobbyists.

This year has also seen some great models shared by the community on the Comm Guild Facebook Group. The Group is a handy place to share your models, ask for hobby advice, or talk about the Maelstrom's Edge game. We would love to see more, so be sure to pop along and show us what you are working on!

(Just a few of the fantastic projects we've seen!)

For the full range of Maelstrom's Edge products, including the Battle for Zycanthus starter set, the plastic and resin model range, the ever-useful Maelstrom's Edge Terrain Sprues, novels and audiobooks, check out the webstore here.

For building ideas, modeling tutorials, army spotlights and conversion walkthroughs, have a look at the Hobby section of the Maelstrom's Edge website here.

Maelstrom's Edge 2019 Round-up

Posted on Thursday Dec 26, 2019 at 05:00pm in General

With another fantastic year drawing to a close, we thought we would take a moment to look back over this year's highlights for Maelstrom's Edge!

This year saw two of our biggest releases ever! Back in April, we added a fourth faction to the game, with the release of the plastic Militus Battlesuit forming the start of the Artarian Remnant's presence on the battlefields of the Edge.

Rather than using conventional military forces, the Remnant fight with elite Champions in highly advanced combat suits. Practically one-man-armies, these superlative warriors needed a model that did them justice, so we produced a multi-part, plastic kit that lets you assemble and customise your suits with a range of different weapons and poses available.

The Militus release was followed in short order by the arrival of the second Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprue! Terrain is incredibly important for making the most of Maelstrom's Edge games, and we want players to have as many options as possible there. As such, rather than producing limited, specific terrain kits we have carried on the concept from the first terrain sprue, giving players a range of new detail parts to use to customise their own terrain constructions.

Loosely themed around Broken settlements, the new terrain sprue can be used by itself or combined with the original sprue to create a huge range of different buildings, ruins and urban or industrial features.

In other releases, things have been a little slower than usual this year due to some unavoidable delays in our production chain. We fleshed out our Epirian SecDef Rapid Insertion Teams with the addition of some weapon specialists. Equipped with dual clingfire throwers or flakk guns, these troopers add some punch to the fast-moving boostpack units.

We wanted players to have the option to take SecDef as a separate force to regular Epirians, so we added a resin SecDef Lieutenant to the range, and backed him up with a Medic to accompany Tactical Teams into battle and keep them on their feet.

On the rules front, we announced the ongoing development of a version 2 of the Maelstrom's Edge rules! Inevitably with something as complex as a miniatures wargame, there are things that wind up needing some tightening or adjusting, and as new units and factions are added to the game the core rules eventually need to evolve. Our aim is to keep the overall feeling the same, with a tactical and exciting game, while stripping out some uneccessary mechanics and tweaking some others to let the game flow better. To keep players involved in the process, there is a development thread on the DakkaDakka forums here where you can download a current playtest version of the V2 rules and provide feedback on the changes.

While we're all still on the current ruleset, however, we released the digitial version of the current rulebook for free download through the Maelstrom's Edge website. You can find this, along with downloadable versions of the Mission and Objective cards from the Battle For Zycanthus box, in the 'Rules' section of the website here.

Maelstrom's Edge V2 will be introducing rules for transport vehicles to the game. While vehicle models are likely to still be some way away, we thought there was no good reason to make players wait for these, so you can also find a set of trial transport rules for the current game here. This download includes some unofficial rules cards for transports for Epirian Contractors, SecDef, Broken and Karist forces, to use with whatever vehicles you decide to kitbash or repurpose - You can find some ideas on the Comm Guild blog, and in the modeling section of the Maelstrom's Edge website here!

SO - What next?

We have a lot planned for 2020! The primary aim will be to get the V2 rules finished, but along the way we have a slew of new model releases coming along. We'll be fleshing out the Remnant with new Nimbus scout suits and the massive Brutus support suit, adding more character options to Karist forces, and introducing more support options for Epirian and Broken forces.

And while all of that's happening, something else is stirring on the Edge...

Our thanks to all of those who have supported us as we have grown the game, from the initial Kickstarter through to where we are now. We're looking forward to sharing all sorts of new and shiny things with you in the years to come!

You can find the Maelstrom's Edge model range and the Battle For Zycanthus starter set in the webstore here.

As always, feel free to share your models and terrain, or ask any Maelstrom's Edge- or hobby-related questions on the Comm Guild Facebook page!

For Maelstrom's Edge modeling articles, including tutorials and walkthroughs of a wide range of different building and miniature projects, check out the Hobby section of the Maelstrom's Edge website here.

Terrain Spotlight: Watch Tower

Posted on Thursday Nov 28, 2019 at 05:00pm in General

- by Iain Wilson

Last week, I shared a trash processing unit, the first of a series of terrain structures inspired by the classic Necromunda plastic/cardboard hybrid terrain. (If you missed it, you can find it here)

This week, I'm adding a watch tower to the set!

As with the previous building, I started out with a quick sketch. I don't always use a sketch, and when I do I don't always follow it precisely, but it can be a handy tool for visualising the process.

For this construction, I once again pulled out the 3mm foamed PVC, and a bunch of both of the Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprues. I started out by building the central pillar, which needed a ladder running up the center to the twin hatches on the platform up top. To give the pillar some depth, I decided to use two layers of PVC, with a ladder running up the outside of each face rather than just using one going up the middle. I wanted to be able to see through the ladder section, though, so cut out a strip up the middle of each pillar side just wider than the ladder rungs. The ladders themselves were taken from terrain sprue #1. I also engraved some panel lines into the PVC with a scriber.

I glued the ladders onto the PVC with superglue, two to a side, leaving just a small part of the ladder projecting above the top so it would reach to the top of the platform. I then ran a strip of support struts from terrain sprue #1 up each side of the ladders for some extra detail.

Because the gap between the ladders would be practically inaccessible once assembled, I sprayed the inside with some rust brown base before gluing the two halves of the pillar together.

For the platform, I made up the main part of the floor using grating pieces from terrain sprue #2, glued edge to edge and leaving two pieces out in the middle for the ladder access.

I then cut a surround from foamed PVC, with a second layer to give it some thickness, and to provide a support structure for the grating.

I designed the side pillars to give the structure some bulk while also providing some nice cover at ground level. As with the central pillar, these were made from two layers of PVC, cut to shape and with some panel lines scribed in on the outside pieces.

To give the side pillars some detail, I trimmed up some more support struts from terrain sprue one and glued them running up the edges of the pillars on both sides.

To finish up, I cut some waist-height (to scale, obviously!) walls for the platform, using some off-cuts of foamed PVC and some trimmed down corner brackets from terrain sprue #1. I then glued the structure together, and cut a base of hardboard for it to sit on.

And that's two structures completed! As with the previous one, painting will come later, once I have a few of these all ready to go.

Stay tuned!

To give it a go yourself, you can pick up the Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprues, along with the rest of the Maelstrom's Edge range, from the webstore here.

As always, feel free to share your models and terrain, or ask any Maelstrom's Edge- or hobby-related questions on the Comm Guild Facebook page!

For other Maelstrom's Edge modeling articles, including tutorials and walkthroughs of a wide range of different building and miniature projects, check out the Hobby section of the Maelstrom's Edge website here.

Modeling Spotlight: SecDef 'Ironhide' Transport Vehicle Kitbash

Posted on Thursday Sep 19, 2019 at 05:00pm in General

- by Iain Wilson

While 'official' vehicles for Maelstrom's Edge are likely still a while in the future, the next edition of the game will include some expanded vehicle rules, in the interests of being forward-compatible. One of the things this will add in is the ability to transport troops in appropriate vehicles, and as I'm a fan of sending troops careening around the battlefield in small, metal boxes, I decided to get the jump on things and add some transport capabilities to my existing forces - just for show, for now. This week, I built some stylish wheels for my SecDef, using the Miniature Scenery Tactical Response Vehicle as a base.

Miniature Scenery are an Australian company, producing a range of terrain and vehicle kits in laser-cut MDF. Through some sort of wizardry that defies my comprehension, the vehicles in particular are very cleverly designed to look as little like MDF as possible once assembled, which makes them a great addition to the miniature collection!

Assembly was largely by-the-book. I did take some extra time to sand down the wheels, which are made from several layers of MDF sandwiched together. This is something that is shown in the example pics but not in the instructions, and does make the wheels look a little more polished.

While I considered replacing the lights with something more 3D, in the end the only modifications I made were to the top hatches. These are flat, being etched into the MDF surface, and while they look ok, I wanted something more detailed. So I replaced the rear turret with an iris hatch from the upcoming new Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprue. For the smaller front hatches, I used round windows from the same terrain sprue, filled in with 'green stuff' putty and sanded flat. On the middle hatch, I added a weapon turret using two SecDef machine guns and a couple of weapon brackets from the terrain sprue.

With everything glued in place, the vehicle looked something like this:

Given the vehicle's intended role, painting was (rather predictably) very similar to the process used for my 120 point SecDef force. I gave it some weathering to give it a battle-worn look (and to help disguise any minor assembly flaws!) but otherwise kept it fairly plain. Since the vehicle itself is fairly busy, I thought a more complicated colour scheme might just be too much. And in the end, the decision to not replace the lights turned out fine, as with some paint on the flat, engraved lights work just great.

And that's it - ready for the table! In coming weeks, I'll be looking to add some more 'unofficial' unit cards for some transports (including this one, obviously) to the Force Listing section of the Maelstrom's Edge website, to allow you to kick the wheels of the new rules a little if you're so inclined!

You can pick up the entire Maelstrom's Edge model range, including our current plastic urban terrain detail sprue in the webstore here.

Share your creations, or ask any Maelstrom's Edge- or hobby-related questions on the Comm Guild Facebook page!

For other Maelstrom's Edge modeling articles, including tutorials and walkthroughs of a wide range of different building and miniature projects, check out the Hobby section of the Maelstrom's Edge website here.

Maelstrom's Edge v2 rules - We need your feedback!!!

Posted on Wednesday May 08, 2019 at 11:55pm in General

We are currently hard at work revising the Maelstrom's Edge rules for a version 2 release early next year, so we have a bit of a window right now where we can take your feedback and utilize it. If you have played V1 and have feedback on things that you like or don't like, we would love to hear it.

There is a discussion thread on Dakka Dakka here, and also a post in the Comm Guild Facebook Group here, where you can download a copy of a very early (and incomplete) draft of the v2 rules, and where you can post whatever feedback you have on that draft, or the current state of the game.

You don't need to be an experienced player to help - a part of what we are looking for is feedback on how easy the rules are to understand, so even if you have never played a game, feel free to give the rules a once-over and tell us what you think!

Spiral Arm Studios at Salute 2019

Posted on Friday Mar 22, 2019 at 08:23pm in General

Salute 2019 is on Saturday, April 6, 2019 at Excel London, run by the South London Warlords - If you're going along, come down to booth TK16 and say hello, and check out our shiny new plastic!


2018 Maelstrom's Edge Roundup!

Posted on Monday Dec 31, 2018 at 06:00pm in General

It's been a huge year for Maelstrom's Edge! As 2018 draws to a close, we thought it would be fun to take a moment to have a look back at what we have achieved over the last year.

Our biggest focus for this year has been to expand the model range, to give players more options for their games. We rolled this out with regular model releases in either plastic or resin.

As the new kids on the block, the Broken received the lion's share of new models, with a slew of non-Core options to expand the force. These included two Chieftain variants - a Forsaken Chieftain with a Xeno spotter, and a Tech Chieftain variant with bionics and custom weapons, a Sig Jammer to mess with an opponent's technological capabilities, the ever-impressive Gnolti, our largest model to date, and the quad-mortar-carrying Pa'ku.

We also introduced a new category of unit to the game, with two 'Add-on' unit options joining the Broken ranks. The Marsayan Hypnotist and Hakoyu Grand Master can replace a normal squad member in regular Broken infantry units, adding different capabilities and tactical options to the unit.

The Epirian Foundation also received some reinforcements, with a resin Contractor Drone added to the mix, changing up how Contractor units are formed. The original Contractor unit was replaced with Contractor Defender and Contractor Scout units, with new battefield roles defined by the drones that accompany them.

A new Command option also joined the fray, with the release of the plastic Master Bot Handler kit. This fantastic kit allows you to build a mech-suit enhanced commander with a wide array of different weapon configurations, and accompanied the release of a new sub-faction for the Foundation: The SecDef.

The SecDef are the elite troops of the Epirian Foundation, and take to the field with the best weapons and equipment money can buy. We kicked off this range with another plastic kit, SecDef Infantry, used to build SecDef Tactical Teams, and have added to this with our latest release, in the form of resin Boostpack Infantry for SecDef Rapid Intervention Teams.

Through the Comm Guild blog, we continued to release weekly modeling articles, covering a wide range of different hobby-related topics including painting techniques, conversion ideas and tutorials or spotlights on different terrain projects. There are too many to list them all here, but you can find them all in the Hobby section of the Maelstrom's Edge website.

There have also been some big changes to the Maelstrom's Edge website over the last few months, with the addition of more content and some rearranging to make things easier to find. We also added printable PDF versions of all of our rules cards in the Rules section, to supplement the online-viewable cards in the Force List viewer.

SO where to next?

We will be continuing with our regular release schedule, with new models coming over the next few months for the Epirian Foundation and the Karist Enclave. The usual onslaught of modeling content will continue through the Comm Guild, and we'll be looking to add more gaming material as well in the form of battle reports and tactics articles.

We will be attending Salute in April, so the start of the year will also be busy getting models ready, and all going well, we'll have a couple of big previews to show off over the Salute weekend...

Our thanks to everyone who has supported us through the past year. We're looking forward to sharing new and shiny things with you in the year to come!

Have questions about the Maelstrom's edge models or rules? Need help with a modeling project? Have conversions or painted models to share? Head on over to the Comm Guild Facebook page to discuss and share everything to do with Maelstrom's Edge!

Maelstrom's Edge 2018 - Six-month Roundup

Posted on Monday Jun 25, 2018 at 05:00pm in General

2018 is halfway gone already, and so far it's been a busy year for Maelstrom's Edge! We would hate for you to have missed anything, so here's a look back at what these six months have brought us.

Our monthly model releases saw some hefty reinforcements arrive for the Broken, in the form of the Marsayan Hypnotist with his innate powers of misdirection, the equipment-tinkering Sig Jammer, a specialised Forsaken Chieftain, and of course the giant, muscle-and-scale-clad behemoth that is the Gnolti, our biggest model to date!

All of these add to the existing Broken Infantry units to allow for a more varied and tactical army. One of the great things about the Broken as a faction is the sheer range of possibility opened up by their nature as a melting pot of all of the leftovers and unwanted dregs of galactic society, and we're looking forward to exploring this further with future model releases.

April saw the release of a new plastic kit for the Epirian Foundation - The Master Bot Handler. This multi-part kit comes with a raft of weapons options to equip your Master Handlers for a variety of battlefield roles, as broken down in the 'Equipping the Epirian Master Bot Handler' tactics article that you can find here.

Over on the Comm Guild blog, Iain shared some different modeling ideas for this fantastic new kit, with a general modeling spotlight here and a conversion guide for a quad-weapon-equipped 'special character' version here.

The Comm Guild blog is home to an ever-growing listing of different modeling articles. On the terrain front, we've made mini hab domes from plastic bowls, created a grove of scifi cactus from foam balls and old toothbrushes, built personal sleeper caskets for those long interstellar trips, tinkered with some scatter terrain for detailing urban tables, assembled an Epirian-themed dice tower, set up a residence in the desert, made a ruin from a cardboard gift box, and finished up with a sci fi pagoda!

The miniatures weren't forgotten either, with articles sharing modeling and conversion ideas for Karist Angel Keepers, Epirian Drones, the Broken Sig Jammer, the Marsayan Hypnotist, and Epirian Bot Handlers

We also shared basic guides on working with resin models, and magnetising your Karist Heavy Weapon troopers, and some conversion spotlights on a re-posed Gnolti, an Epirian Light Carrier Drone and Sentinel Bot and a veteran Gnolti 'Longhorn'.

So... what's next?

Over the next 6 months, we will be continuing our regular model releases, starting with our newest plastic kit: the Epirian Secdef!

And of course the Comm Guild articles will continue to bring you more tips and techniques for making the most of your models. Stay Tuned!

Join in the Maelstrom's Edge discussion on the Comm Guild Facebook page!

To pick up the Maelstrom's Edge model range, visit the webstore here.

Modeling Spotlight: Epirian Victory Point Tracker

Posted on Tuesday Jan 23, 2018 at 11:19am in General

- by Iain Wilson

Victory. The elusive mistress that haunts our gaming hours. How do we capture her? Well, in Maelstrom's Edge, we do it by counting up Victory Points, and hopefully winding up with more of them than our opponents. The Battle for Zycanthus box includes Victory Point trackers along with the plethora of tokens and markers found within, but I decided that I wanted something with a little more spectacle, and so I built myself a VP tracker for my Epirian force.

This all started with a rough concept sketch, to get an idea of how things should fit together.

I then made a quick mockup in cardboard, as a sort of proof of concept, and to get a better feel for the size it needed to be.

The main body of the tracker is made from layers of 2mm thick plasticard. Each layer was marked out in pencil and then cut out and the edges smoothed down.

To show the current VP total, there are two dials with the numbers 0-9 marked around the edge. These are cut from thinner plasticard, with a spacer added on the top surface so that the face with the numbers on it doesn't rub against the inside of the tracker's front.

The windows for the VP display are made from a couple of trapezoid windows from the Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprue. I used a razor saw to slice through the windows just behind the interior bracing, to make them a little thinner and so that the bracing would sit flush against the front plate of the tracker.

From there, I cut a couple of trapezoid holes in the front plate to match up to the large openings in the windows, and then added a bunch of detail with various pieces of plasticard.

In the bottom corner, I added a rotary switch for tracking how many times the special faction objective has been tapped.

With detailing complete, it was time to paint!

I basecoated the tracker with Army Painter Army Green spray, and used some flat black spray on the VP dials and the rotary switch.

I wanted some metal detail on the tracker to break up the colour a little, so re-basecoated some appropriate spots with some black. I also added a little black inside the side openings for the dials, just to avoid having the white plastic showing through when it was assembled.

The metal parts then received a drybrush of P3 Pig Iron, and some weathering added with Vallejo Heavy Charcoal applied lightly with a sponge.

The numbers for the VP dials were drawn up on black circles in Gimp and then printed out, cut to shape and glued onto the plastic dials.

Finally, the front plate was glued in place, and the screen painted with some Ultramarine Blue and shaded with Army Painter Blue Tone.

My plan is to make up some smaller versions of the mission cards to sit in the screen cavity.

And then, of course, the next step will be to make some similarly themed trackers for my Karists and Broken!

Have you built anything unusual for your Maelstrom's Edge games? We would love to see your creations on the Comm Guild Facebook page!

You can find the entire Maelstrom's Edge range in the webstore here.

For other Maelstrom's Edge modeling articles, including tutorials and walkthroughs of a wide range of different building and miniature projects, check out the article roundup here.

2017 - The year in review for Maelstrom's Edge

Posted on Monday Jan 01, 2018 at 05:00pm in General

2017 has drawn to a close, and it has been a fantastic year for Maelstrom's Edge. Here's our year in review:

This year saw the release of the long-awaited third faction for Maelstrom's Edge: The Broken!

The Broken Infantry Pack consists of 4 sprues loaded with bits, that allow you to build Broken fighters from any of three 4 different unit types. And this is just scraping the surface of what we have planned for the Broken - 2018 will see plenty of new releases to fill out their roster, with additional troop types and a slew of new and fantastic alien species.

Also on the release front, we launched a supplemental range of resin models, starting with the Karist Angel Hellblaster.

While plastic models are great for all sorts of reasons, they have a rather long development leadtime, which slows down releases. Adding resin models allows us to get new things out more regularly, and also lets us develop models that wouldn't necessarily be practical or economical in plastic. So the aim going forward will be to have the core range remain in plastic, supplemented with resin models which will allow us to have a new release out every month.

The Hellblaster was followed up with Karist Heavy Weapon troopers, and this month saw the addition of an official model for the Karist Angel Keeper (which previously had a playtest rules card but required some conversion to build a model). It's not all Karist love, though - Epirians and Broken will be seeing some releases very soon!

On the fiction front, 2017 saw the release of Tales From the Edge: Escalation. This is our second compilation of short stories, and features work by some great names in science fiction, including Alastair Reynolds, Aliette de Bodard and Liz Williams!

Escalation is available in print through the Maelstrom's Edge webstore, or as a eBook through Amazon.

To go along with the book release, we took a bit of a look at what went into creating the fiction for Maelstrom's Edge with a series of articles here: Crafting Tales from the Edge, Developing Stories for Maelstrom's Edge, and The Maelstrom's Edge Fiction Creative Process, by Tomas L. Martin.

For the modelers, this year continued our regular article releases, with tutorials and spotlight articles covering a huge range of different hobby topics. We showed you how to build a model to represent the Epirian faction objective:

We went to town with the terrain sprue, with tutorials on shipping containers, buildings made from plastic storage trays and drainage channel, and some ideas for scatter terrain, blast craters, hedges, streetlights and 'blanket' door coverings made from bandages. We also shared templates for making a small minehead building and a larger bunker.

We also showcased a huge array of different terrain projects, including a plantation dome and a massive landing pad piece.

The models weren't forgotten, with tutorials on sculpting your own gas masks for your Epirian contractors, painting weathered-looking metal and heat stress on weapon barrels, a run-down on a quick-painting method for Broken Rabble units, and a guide to making bionic arms for your contractors from Scarecrow arms.

We also offered conversion tutorials and homebrew rules cards for a couple of new units types: The sneaky, sniping Reaper Cadre for the Karists, and the heavy-weapon-toting Scorpion Drone for the Epirians.

Along the way, we showcased a bunch of different modeling projects, including some small Epirian and Karist forces, some variant Epirian bot ideas, and a winged Angel conversion, amongst many others.

Gaming was also covered, with another fantastic battle report from DakkaDakka's Sgt Oddball - a Karist vs Epirian 'introductory' mission entitled 'The Final Act.

We also published a series of articles alongside the Broken release, taking a close look at their rules and how they fit into the game. You can find these here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

So, what's next?

We have a slew of projects currently in development, and 2018 will see us continue with a new release each month to flesh out the three existing factions. This will include a couple of new plastic kits for the Epirians, and something a little bit... let's say 'heftier' for the Broken. Design work is also well underway for the next faction, which will bring some fun toys to the table for battle suit enthusiasts!

Stay tuned to the Comm Guild blog or the Maelstrom's Edge Facebook page for updates!

You can find all of our miniatures, the terrain sprue, and our fiction on the Maelstrom's Edge webstore here. For all of our modeling articles to date, including tutorials and walkthroughs of a wide range of different building and miniature projects, check out the article roundup here. And as always, feel free to join in the discussion in the Comm Guild Facebook Group here!

Reminder - Tales From The Edge: Emergence

Posted on Sunday Nov 13, 2016 at 05:00pm in General

We just wanted to put out a quick reminder that the short stories collection Tales From The Edge: Emergence is available on Amazon right now! It contains a range of fiction suitable for anyone with even a hint of sci-fi interest. With Christmas approaching, why not pick it up as a gift for a sci-fi loving friend?