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New Release: Plastic Remnant Upgrade Sprue!

Posted on Monday May 30, 2022 at 05:00pm in Models

Remnant Lorican Armor is a marvel of engineering in its own right. Over time, Champions will customize their suits to boost their combat ability even further. This month's release is a new plastic sprue with a range of upgrade options!

This sprue has components to represent various upgrades on your suits, including three each of the following:

  • Prime/Pathfinder Array
  • Defensive Countermeasures
  • Enhanced Targeter
  • Target Tracker
  • Mark Of the Initiate badge
  • Prime Sigil
  • Veteran Prime Sigil

These parts are designed to fit on any of the Remnant suits, where relevant to their unit rules.

Grab the sprue from the Maelstrom's Edge webstore here!

The new Maelstrom's Edge Terrain Sprue is available now!

Posted on Monday Oct 07, 2019 at 05:00pm in Models

The Maelstrom's Edge terrain sprues consist of modular, high detail, plastic components which are designed to be clipped out and affixed to boxes, scratch-built structures or any junk you might have found that looks building shaped. You can find lots of ideas and tutorials in the hobby section of the website here.

Sprue Front

Sprue Back

Each sprue contains a range of terrain elements, including customisable doors, stairs, windows and parts for creating catwalks or low walls and barricades.

Round detail pieces for an exhaust fan or porthole can fit onto the end of the large pipe fitting from terrain sprue #1, or attach flush to walls or roofs.

The sprue also includes customisable struts for reinforcing walls, and a host of smaller details like a computer terminal, small vents, a generator coil, a junction/control box, lights, an antenna, and parts to combine with our plastic Broken Infantry weapons to build an automated sentry turret!

This pack includes two sprues - 118 components in total!

Get yours from the Maelstrom's Edge Webstore now!

The New Maelstrom's Edge Terrain Sprue - Available October 7th!

Posted on Tuesday Oct 01, 2019 at 05:00pm in Models

Since the release of the Maelstrom's Edge Terrain Sprue, it has proven to be our most popular plastic kit. Packed with an array of detail bits for adding to scratchbuilt or generic building shells, the sprue is an easy and inexpensive way of making great looking terrain. And now the time has come to mix things up a bit, with the addition of a second terrain sprue to our range!

Sprue Front

This new sprue is themed around the Broken faction, with detail pieces intended to help you build ruins and run-down structures, with a few extras to mix things up a bit.

Sprue Back

Unlike the solid doors on the first terrain sprue, this time around we've included a couple of empty door frames. These can be used as is, or you can fill them with an included solid door piece or a curtain, both of which are double sided so that you can mix up the facings for more variety.


The three windows on the sprue carry on the theme, with one covered with a curtain, one with metal mesh, and the third with a vent-style grill.


You can reinforce your walls with struts sized to match the similar struts on the first terrain sprue. This time around, though, the struts have missing panels which can be replaced (or not!) as you choose with several different patch pieces, included some that match the original panels. This lets you mix up the look of the struts to suit yourself. You can also use the extra panels to add patches to walls.


If you would rather get away from straight edges and corners, you can use the round porthole and iris portal to add some more rounded details. The iris can be used as a floor or roof hatch, or can also serve as a small access door. The porthole and a similarly-shaped fan piece can be glued straight onto a wall or roof, and are also designed to fit neatly onto the top of the large pipe fitting from the first terrain sprue.

Iris, Portholes and Fan (And a scifi shipping container from Laser Cut Card!)

Iris, Portholes and Fan

The first sprue included a ladder for getting up above ground level, but this time around we've included some stairs. The stair pieces are designed to stack up, so you can customise them to whatever height you want for your walkways or doors. The sprue also includes several different grating designs which can be used to make walkways and catwalks, or paired with the upright posts to make fences or barricades.

Stairs and Grates


The rest of the sprue is filled up with technical details - a new computer terminal, light fittings, small vent pieces, an antenna, a generator coil and a junction/control box with a separate lid that can be attached open or closed, or used as a wall patch!


And finally, we have also included the pieces to make a small, automated turret for securing your hard-won territory against rampaging gangs or bloodthirsty pirates. This is designed to work with the larger weapons from the Broken Infantry sprue, with the weapon mounting pieces attaching to a slide rail so they can be positioned as needed. This piece is just decorative for now, but we have some plans for ways to incorporate these into your games, to come later!


The new sprue will be available from the Maelstrom's Edge webstore from the 7th of October. Like the previous terrain sprue, it will be sold as a two-pack, at the same price. Stay tuned for more terrain ideas featuring the new sprue!

New resin release: Epirian SecDef Medic!

Posted on Monday Jul 01, 2019 at 05:00pm in The Epirian Foundation

The Epirian SecDef receives another reinforcement this month, with the addition of a new SecDef Medic! This high quality resin kit contains one Epirian SecDef Medic model with a CB22 Assault Carbine and field diagnostic unit, and a 25mm base. This is an add-on model for SecDef Tactical Teams.

SecDef Medics are combat veterans who have received additional training and equipment to administer first aid in the field. Known for being level-headed under fire, medics accompany SecDef tactical teams in the field, where they need to be equally competent at using their carbines or treating wounded squadmates.

Equipped with an advanced diagnostics and treatment device and requiring weeks of additional training, medics represent a not-insubstantial investment for SecDef Commanders. While most still attribute significant cost savings to a medic's ability to save the lives of expensive SecDef troopers, the return on investment tends to be carefully monitored by SecDef administration. It's not uncommon for units to be refused additional medics where higher-than-normal attrition rates suggest that high recruitment costs would not be sufficiently reduced by the presence of medical personnel.

SecDef Medic Rules Card

You can find the SecDef Medic in the Maelstrom's Edge online store here!

New resin release: Epirian SecDef Lieutenant

Posted on Friday May 24, 2019 at 05:00pm in The Epirian Foundation

This month, we're revisiting the Epirian SecDef, with the addition of a new SecDef Lieutenant! This high quality resin kit contains one Epirian SecDef Lieutenant model with two weapon options (CB22 Assault Carbine and G20 Pistol) and a 25mm base, and is available now from the Maelstrom's Edge online store here. The SecDef Lieutenant is a Command model, and lets you field a force comprised entirely of SecDef units!

Anyone underestimating a SecDef lieutenant is about to pay dearly for his mistake. Promoted from amongst the most capable veteran sergeants, SecDef lieutenants are level-headed combat experts on both a tactical and strategic level with extensive financial and material resources to hand. Often taking on the most difficult (and therefore highest paying) missions with their platoons, the aim of most lieutenants is to accrue enough backpay to purchase a field commander commission, and the heavy combat rig that goes with that position.

While technically tasked with safeguarding the same corporate goals as every other Epirian division, issues can arise when SecDef units are forced to cooperate with Bot Handler commanders in the field. Their philosophy, character and approach are almost diametrically opposed to that of the average Handler. The SecDef's innate distaste for bots results in them having little faith in the abilities of their robotic allies, having seen them fail once too many in their long careers where they believe proper SecDef infantry would have got the job done. Nevertheless, they are professional enough to let the deadly Hunter Warmechs profit from their shoulder-mounted target designator. Many a foe has perished under a hail of strike missiles shortly after a SecDef lieutenant is inserted into enemy lines, quickly identifying and painting the largest threat.

SecDef Lieutenant Rules Card

You can find the SecDef Lieutenant in the Maelstrom's Edge online store here!

New Faction & Plastic Release: The Artarian Remnant!

Posted on Sunday Apr 07, 2019 at 12:00am in The Remnant

Spiral Arm Studios are thrilled to present our latest plastic kit: The Remnant Militus Battlesuit! This is the first kit for the Artarian Remnant, the newest faction to join the fray at the Maelstrom's Edge.

Lorican Combat Suits are the pinnacle of Artarian engineering, allowing a House Champion to have the utility and fighting prowess of many soldiers or workers. Each suit wearer is virtually a one man army, equipped with light but incredibly strong alloyed armour plating that is adapted from the same technology that is used in Remnant ship hull plating. It can absorb heat based weapons and even use it to recharge the suit's systems. The armour is quite capable of deflecting even heavy calibre ammunition, and is fully adapted to work in vacuum or underwater.

Each suit is assisted by sophisticated motion predicting micro-servo motors to give them unparalleled strength and mobility, moving with ease through dense terrain and being able to punch holes through conventional armour. Every suit also boasts a wealth of sensors including friend or foe recognition, communications frequencies, target acquisition and capability calculation, capable of identifying weak points on the target and providing suggestions as to what weapon to attack it with. All suits are slaved with targeting and intelligence information from the insertion ships in orbit, providing a strategic overview, co-ordination between strike teams and immunity to ambush.

The suits are powered by a miniature tritium energy cell, and are good for several months without recharging. This powers all suit subsystems including medical diagnostic systems which will seal over wounds including resorting to removal of limbs if necessary, and supply painkillers, stimulants and medication as required. The armour will also recycle bodily waste and their occupants can survive for weeks without resupply, although the experience would not be particularly pleasant.

The standard 'Militus' class suit forms the core of most Artarian fire teams. They can be equipped with a range of different, high-powered weapon options and are also often fitted with protective field generators or jump packs for extra mobilty.

This kit contains a single, mulitpart Militus suit on one plastic sprue, along with a 45mm plastic base.

To get you building, you can find assembly instructions in PDF format here.

The Militus kit is available now from the Maelstrom's Edge webstore. Faction rules are still being finalised, as the other models for the Remnant are still being developed, but will be added to the website as soon as they are ready to go!

New Broken unit release: Pa'ku Artillery

Posted on Wednesday Oct 31, 2018 at 05:00pm in The Broken

This month sees the release of a new support unit for the Broken: Pa'ku Artillery, available now from the webstore here!

Behind the implacable visage of the Pa'ku resides a powerful, if often misunderstood intellect. Extremely logical creatures, when the Pa'ku are convinced a certain course of action will do more good than wrong, they will take lives without scruples if that is what it takes. Pa'ku artillery has been known to mercilessly bombard hospitals or civilian refugee groups when they have concluded that this was the most logical course of action. They do not make any decision lightly nor do they act carelessly. In fact, the Pa'ku sometimes drive their commanders crazy as they sit pondering the pros and cons of a proposed course of action and all the alternatives, and where the situation is particularly complex have been known to gather for private war councils with their own kind before they will consider responding to a call to arms. Despite their reputation for ruthlessness, when Pa'ku take lives it is because they believe there is no viable alternative. This does not however mean they are saints - all of a Pa'ku's deliberations are still ultimately guided by self-interest and a desire to survive the chaos of the Edge.

Despite their peculiarities, Pa'ku are especially desirable to the Broken. Their solid physiques make them extremely suited to carrying heavy loads, including the biggest artillery the Broken manage to cobble together. At close range, the Pa'ku can extend their very long tongue with enough force to cave in a man's skull. Pa'ku only speak to other species when necessary, and their language is difficult for most races to translate or speak. Combined with their large size, this generally results in them being overlooked by evacuation efforts, and so as with the even larger Gnolti, joining the Broken is often the only reasonable chance for a Pa'ku to escape the edge and find a new home.

Pa'ku are often found in the support lines of Broken forces with giant cannon and other esoteric weapons strapped to their broad shoulders. Linked with electronic targeting systems, these weapons can be slaved together to unleash devastating barrages of firepower onto enemy lines. Their favoured weapon is a multi-barrelled EMP mortar, which carpets the battlefield with explosive energy packets that can fry electronic systems and incinerate softer targets. You can find the rules for the Pa'ku Artillery unit in the Force Builder section of the Maelstrom's Edge website here.

This high detail, multi-part resin kit contains one Pa'ku armed with a Quad EMP Mortar, and is available now from the webstore here!