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New resin release: Epirian SecDef Medic!

Posted on Monday Jul 01, 2019 at 05:00pm in The Epirian Foundation

The Epirian SecDef receives another reinforcement this month, with the addition of a new SecDef Medic! This high quality resin kit contains one Epirian SecDef Medic model with a CB22 Assault Carbine and field diagnostic unit, and a 25mm base. This is an add-on model for SecDef Tactical Teams.

SecDef Medics are combat veterans who have received additional training and equipment to administer first aid in the field. Known for being level-headed under fire, medics accompany SecDef tactical teams in the field, where they need to be equally competent at using their carbines or treating wounded squadmates.

Equipped with an advanced diagnostics and treatment device and requiring weeks of additional training, medics represent a not-insubstantial investment for SecDef Commanders. While most still attribute significant cost savings to a medic's ability to save the lives of expensive SecDef troopers, the return on investment tends to be carefully monitored by SecDef administration. It's not uncommon for units to be refused additional medics where higher-than-normal attrition rates suggest that high recruitment costs would not be sufficiently reduced by the presence of medical personnel.

SecDef Medic Rules Card

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