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Artwork Analysis - The Karist Ark

Posted on Tuesday Sep 20, 2016 at 05:00pm in Artwork

Karists often have to get as close to a world as possible without being seen to allow their forces to build up free from the view of those in power. A fleet of spacecraft is easily seen from across a system so is not the ideal way for an insurrection to establish itself on a world. Instead, the Karists use huge, natural asteroids, hollowing them out and installing a spaceship inside. These are known as Karist Arks. Small points are fitted to the exterior to allow cybel shielding, enabling transit of the cybel network, though arks will always try to leave the network before the final gate, spending months and even years travelling silently through deep space to get to their target unseen.

The image above shows the interior of one such Karist Ark, with a commune ceremony occurring as some of the populace go about their daily lives. The blend of natural and organic architecture gives Karist Arks a much more human feel than most other spacecraft, though this benefit is tapered by it being frequently dim and dark due to the requirements of low energy usage and low energy wastage over long periods of secretive travel towards a destination.