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New Release: Epirian Contractor Support Drone

Posted on Monday Mar 29, 2021 at 05:00pm in Models

Within the Epirian Foundation, many Contractor militia units make use of specialised bots for some extra firepower or to fill battlefield support roles. We introduced the resin weapon drones to boost your Contractor teams on the table a while back, and this week we're adding to your options with a new support drone kit!

This resin kit is comprised of a Support Drone chassis, and optional parts to equip it to join any of three different Contractor unit types. The Recon Package is the standard gear for support drones utilised by Contractor Scout units. Contractor Engineers make use of tool-equipped drones to effect repairs on other damaged bots, while medical drones in Contractor Medic units patch up the force's less hardy human elements.

A recon drone surveys the battlefield for ongoing threats

The support drone is available now from the Maelstrom's Edge Webstore!

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