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Unofficial Faction Rules - Trogyl Scouts

Posted on Monday Nov 30, 2020 at 05:00PM in Gaming

- by Iain Wilson

A few weeks ago, I shared a conversion article featuring some homebrew alien Trogyl Scouts, kitbashed from Wargames Atlantic Einherjar and Maelstrom's Edge Broken parts (find it here). While this was a fairly simple conversion, I was so happy with the results that it seemed a shame to leave them cooling their heels in the display case. So, I've worked up a rules card for them, adding them into a new (unofficial) 'Mercenary' faction!

Trogyl Scouts infiltrating a Karist encampment.

Mercenaries are an idea that I've been wanting to explore for a while now. As I've conceived them, rather than being a standalone faction in their own right, the Mercenary faction will allow the addition of less mainstream units that can be taken in a detachment drawn from another faction, although you will have to use up double the normal unit slots for the privilege. Need some more heavy firepower for your Broken force? Want something sneaky to back up you Epirians? Call in the mercs!

Trogyl Scouts.

The Trogyl are capable fighters, although lightly armed compared to some of the heavy hitters of the Edge. WIth their beam blastguns and ritual axes, they utilise their Scout ability to get in close to the enemy, while their Stealth rule allows them to make better use of available cover than most other troops. If a more long-ranged solution is called for, their blastguns can be swapped out for assault rifles or sniper rifles, and the unit also has the option to take a single heavier weapon, choosing from a grenade launcher, massive torch or plasma cannon.

Trogyl Scouts rules card.

The unofficial rules card for the Trogyl can be downloaded here. The download also includes a summary card with the weapon and special rules that apply to the unit. This will be expanded out into a full summary page when other mercenary units join the fray, but for now that seemed excessive.

Trogyl Scouts Summary.

While your Trogyl are getting sneaky with it, you can share your battle reports, army building, or any feedback on these rules in the Comm Guild Facebook group!

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Happy Gaming!

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