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New Broken Faction Objective and Summary Update

Posted on Tuesday Jul 06, 2021 at 06:00pm in Gaming

With the release of the Revolutionary Captain heralding the arrival of SARA forces onto the table, The Broken have some new strategies to bring to the tabletop. To help this along, we've added a new Faction Objective for SARA forces: Moral High Ground.

Along with their military might, SARA forces are deft at using propaganda to demoralise and destabilise enemy forces. This is represented through the Propaganda rule allowing a SARA player to force their opponent to sacrifice a model each turn.

Immediately after your opponent finishes their ‘Destroy Units’ portion of the end phase, nominate one enemy organic model on the table with FOR 1. Your opponent must immediately remove any one of their organic, FOR 1 models from the table as a casualty, however if they choose not to remove the model you nominated, gain 1 VP. If your opponent has no organic FOR 1 models on the table for you to nominate, you automatically gain 1 VP and may place +D3 psych STs on any one enemy unit on the table.

The Moral High Ground card has been added to both the Mission & Objective card pack and Faction Objective card pack, which can be found in the Card Downloads section of the Maelstrom's Edge website here!

The unit cards for the Revolutionary Captain and the Broken Sniper also both introduced some new special rules and equipment. These have now been added to the Broken Summary, which you can find in the Faction Summary Sheets section here.

If you still need the unit cards for these two models, they can also be found in the Card Downloads section, in the Broken Unit Cards PDF.

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