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Background Fiction - Stellargee

Posted on Saturday Aug 27, 2016 at 05:00PM in Fiction

Part of the development of the comprehensive background fiction for Maelstrom's Edge is ensuring a constant level of universe-specific terms. One that has become quite endearing to us is Stellargee.

While the etymology of the word should be fairly self apparent, a combination of 'Stellar' and 'Refugee', the reason for the introduction of the word was because every time we used 'Refugee', it pulled us back to the modern era/real-world settings, and away from the grandiose galactic scale vision of the universe that we try to encompass when talking about the crisis caused by the Maelstrom.

Refugee was also strongly suggestive of world-scale evacuation and migration, whereas Stellargee allowed us to vastly increase the scope of people affected and associated with the term.

Stellargee is specifically defined in our internal dictionary as "The diaspora refugees - able people temporarily on a world while fleeing the edge". Billions of people forced on to desperate planets, doing everything they can to keep themselves and their families ahead of the inevitable expanse of the Maelstrom.

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