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Background Fiction - Foodstuffs

Posted on Saturday Sep 24, 2016 at 06:00pm in Fiction

Across our range of fiction, there have been a number of foodstuffs unique to the Maelstrom's Edge universe noted. We'll highlight some of them here so that anyone who wants to make some labels on terrain, their own fiction, or their own vending machines have some canon options!

  • Betelbark - Traded spice.
  • Carnglen - Good brand of whisky, Epirian/general worlds.
  • Fungal Root - Karist food onboard an Ark, has a 'tang'.
  • Kulquat Fruit - Egg shaped fruit known to Phelon IV residents with inward-growing pips on its skin.
  • Pareto - Coffee like drink, caffeine source.
  • Ragleaf - Tobacco like plant, smoked and chewed.
  • Spinifex - Grass like plant (chewed, not eaten). Mild relaxant.

A hearty handshake to the first person to make a Pareto dispenser in scale!

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